Saturday, October 31, 2009

Weight Loss After Tooth Extractions?

i had 24 teeth removed about a month ago. i feel great, my dentures are working perfectly, and i haven't had any pain for the past 2 weeks. 4 of the teeth were wisdom teeth. i had 2 abcessed teeth and the dentist didn't have me take any medications prior to or after the surgery. i have lost over 15lbs since the surgery, and i am beginning to look sickly. is there anything i can do, or is this a normal part of the procedure. i've been eating normally, but i continue to lose weight at a rapid rate.
Well a lot of people lose weight after extractions, its called the "dental diet" but if your eating regularly and your not taking any medications then you need to go to a physician and get some blood work done to see if something is wrong with you.
If you're eating just like you used to and have lost 15 pounds in a month, you need to see your doctor SOON. It's probably unrelated to the dental work and is definitely a cause for concern. Rapid weight loss without trying is a symptom of many illnesses, some of them freakin' serious, so don't delay.

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