Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What Can I Do To getThis Gum Infection Away? No Antbiotics!?

My gum hurts alot when i eat and i have no antibiotics what shall i do ='[
Listerine is a good mouth wash!!! But,
I am NOT going to tell you what to do, but I will tell you what
I do if I have a sore throat, cough, or mouth infection and it works.!!!
I cut off a thin slice of RAW onion and chop it up into small pieces, and put it in my mouth, preferably between my teeth and gums and just leave it there, and let the saliva trickle down my throat.
It may tingle at first and a lot of people don't like the taste
but if it helps. The tingle disappears as the infection goes
But I do it at least every night before bed.
Raw onion kills bacteria and wards off infections, yeast infections, also flu, colds etc. If you take it at night, by morning the onion smell is almost gone.
try corsodyl mint mouth wash - tastes rancid but is great for gum infections! you can get it from boots etc
You probably brushed too hard, or it's just... infected. lol. I would brush more gently around the infected area. And, use peroxide or listerine, or some type of mouthwash for a few nights to help it heal.
get an emergency app with the dentist - if you dont it will only get worse no matter what you try
For a start see your doctor or dentist. Try washing your mouth out with a strong salt and water mixture, spit it out dont swallow. You must get this seen to or you can lose your teeth.
call your dentist and get a prescription for Peridex (chlorhexadine) mouthwash/gargle.
Every so many hours rinse your mouth with hot water and salt.
The best thing is to see a dentist.
Se a dentist, but also think about whether your diet is deficient in vitamins and take a supplement.
Brush your gums often with a soft tooth brush. At least every time you eat. Look at your gums and see if you have any abscesses. These look like raised pimples often with white patches. This means there is infection in your gums. In addition to brushing you must faithfully rinse you mouth. There are various mixtures which are helpful. there are commercial products, but also home remedies. Mix hydrogen peroxide with half water, ( if your have infection use full strength) to heal the irritation). Infected gums are very bad for your health. Fight it with all your might!!
Gargle with warm, salty water or diluted TCP. Both will kill germs in the mouth. Just depends which one you can handle the taste of!
Sounds like you have Gum Disease. You could perhaps do with a visit to your dentist. Learning to brush your teeth correctly is important, this is something your dentist can advise you on. Regular checkups are also important as is using the right toothbrush. An antibacterial mouthwash twice a day might help you to. If you have a gum infection, then you do need some antibiotics, which the dentist can give you. Hope you get better soon.
Don't do peroxide - it stains teeth. Try the others people have recommended. Are you sure it's infected? Surely your dentist wouldn't lie to you.
Get some aloe vera. Peel away the thick skin and grind the fleshy parts. Apply it on the gum. No harm in applying a few times.
It has healing effects. Try it. I have and it worked.
Salt is a healer.Put a teaspoon of salt in a cup with some hot water then rinse it around your teeth and gums. Do this a few times before bed and by the morning you should be pain free. If you suffer with your gums, change your toothpaste for Sensodyne, I have used it forever.
I use Oraldene for all my gum and throat ailments. The pink variety is best even though you won't be able to taste your food while using it. Not only does it relieve the sore symptoms but it actually kills the bacteria that cause the problem. Find it with the toothbrushes or ask at the pharmacy.Even though it probably hurts to brush you should still do it gently otherwise the problem will get worse with all the accumulated food and the extra bacteria that will attract. Floss as well of course.
I think i have that or something simillar ive got the denist monday so ive gta stick out this pain untill thn this is what ive been doing. Apply teatree oil on a cotton swab to the area gargle warm salt water aviod like all aviod except lquids anti inflamitory plain relief and thats about it it still hruts and my face has now gone a bit swolen :(


  1. really? peroxide stains teeth? isn't it actually used for removing stains?

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